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What is Vertical Farming?

Is it possible to combine technology and agriculture? The answer is yes. Technological advances have made it possible to advance in the field of agriculture in order to achieve efficiency, the optimization of resources and spaces.

When we talk about Vertical Agriculture or Vertical Farming we mean a business that grows exponentially and consists of placing the crops in trays stacked vertically. In this way the performance is optimized and the control of the climatic conditions that allows an ideal growth space is added. To do this, the use of artificial intelligence is key, which is constantly learning to improve the quality of food production.

There is great potential in vertical farming: fresh produce, grown locally, fast marketing, your harvest can be during all seasons, free of pesticides, which makes them organic and a perfect choice to suit a healthy lifestyle.

These advantages can also be considered water conservation and being close to consumers. This is not only good for reducing transport costs but even more important for fresh food to reach consumers.

"Technology applied to crops brings numerous advantages and opportunities for the new times of population growth and climate change" Kevin Gallopp.

Tokens Food will give vertical farming companies the opportunity to connect to their supply network, giving customers and the store options to forecast and predict important aspects such as customer availability for future batches, customer preferences, consumption patterns, among others.

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