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National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: March 29

Today, March 29, is the national day of Mom and Pop Business Owners. The Mom and Pop Stores, Shops or Business concept is used to refer to a small business run by family members. In some cases they continue a tradition where businesses lasted through the different generations. They do not have several locations and promote the use of local products.

These stores constantly struggle to compete with the big brands, wholesalers and supermarket chains in order to stay standing. Many times, being in a disadvantaged situation, they face financial difficulties that put their permanence at risk.

The Mom and Pop Stores benefit from those consumers who are looking for personalized products and services and who prefer to buy them to support local communities, thus promoting the economic growth of the area. As a result, there has recently been a growth in interest in family businesses.

"Small Business Saturday" is a new trend in the United States. People go shopping there on Saturday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks to the technology and digitalization that Spin brings and Tokens Food solutions, these family businesses can move forward without losing what makes them unique and characterizes them.

Kevin Gallopp, reminds us of the importance of supporting local communities.

Ricardo Gallopp J, senior adviser, tells us about the high expectations for the development of the initiative.

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