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Miami as a New Technology Hub?

Miami has been struggling to become a technology hub for a couple of decades. But the coronavirus was the ultimate driver of change. The pandemic gave the city the enabling environment to transform and redefine itself.

A cosmopolitan city with beaches and a great tourist attraction is what characterizes Miami which accompanies the facilities granted for business development.

Many financial and technology companies are moving to Miami in search of opportunities to develop their activities; there they have contacts with local talents as well as from Latin America with high predisposition to relocate.

There is still a long way to go, but it is expected through the learning of previous lessons, to achieve the location of a new technological hub in a city where, among other advantages, they are favoured due to less tax burdens. In addition to having a geographical location that allows the constant exchange of local and international flights from different corners of the planet.

Investors are willing to bet on this alternative. A clear example is the 'Miami Initiative', launched by SoftBank, one of the world’s largest technology investors. It consists of a $100 million investment to finance local technology companies. To this is added a fund of $5,000 million aimed at Latin American companies with headquarters in Miami.

Kevin Gallopp tells us he is happy to be part of these changes and with high expectations regarding the progress achieved in Miami.

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