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Food Desert: characteristics

Food deserts refer to geographical areas where people have little or no choice of food options that are healthy and affordable (especially fruits and vegetables) in the absence of shops at a convenient travel distance.

In recent times, due to various economic factors, several shops have had to move out of the cities, making them so few and so distant from each other that consumers are forced to travel by bus or train to make their purchases.

The downside is that in suburban or rural areas public transport is very limited, and supermarkets are often located at long distances from their homes.

Food deserts also have a socio-economic character: there is a high probability of finding them in minority communities and areas with low income or resources.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines a food desert as an area that has either a poverty rate greater than or equal to 20% or a median family income not exceeding 80% of the median family income in urban areas, or 80% of the state-wide median family income in nonurban areas.

Generally healthy foods are more expensive than the rest, especially in food deserts. Purchasing power is a variable that restricts the type of food that can be consumed.

However, not everything is negative. There is growing awareness of the major problems that food deserts cause. It has become a concern for associations, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and consumers in general.

“We are partnering with the finest robotic technology manufacturers and building one of the biggest networks to reduce food desert areas by offering customers more options”, Ricardo Gallopp J.

About Tokens Food

Tokensfood project is a network of distributors all over the country and close to certain underserved markets to provide the service, establishment, and operation of a “hub and spoke” logistics system where 1 unit can support 8 to 10 sister stores located within a two-hour drive of the hub store.

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