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About Us

We are building one of the most Intelligent business networks in the Americas.  Our platform will serve as a vest or armor for entrepreneurs, taking care of all possible administrative learned processes and Artificial Intelligence/machine learning decisions.

Tokensfood is an AI cloud business platform that helps build, transform, and connect e-supermarkets, cloud kitchens, and vertical farming to meet the e-commerce - delivery economy. Tokens digital technology enables value-creating interactions between external producers and consumers.

Tokens Food is digitalizing the complete supply network.

Ricardo Gallopp J., a tech-savvy senior, business major, serial entrepreneur, and Real Estate Developer: has developed more than 1,500 units with his companies in Central America; in 1996, he founded one of the first (ISP)  internet service providers. Free2home was his US venture in 1999, just before the .com bubble burst. His passion for technology and innovation lead Ricardo to help many young entrepreneurs develop their concepts. Nowadays, working with his sons Frank, Kevin, and Ricardo at the University of Florida UF Innovate, developing construction and food industry IA Platforms.- Far from the days when he developed Residencial Los Hidalgos, a master-planned community designed for more than 3,000 units in Latin America. Residencial El Manantial ( 2002), a thousand units, mid-income suburban neighborhood in Tegucigalpa Honduras, was one of his most difficult projects.

In 2019, after receiving a specialization course with Emetirtus and MIT, he became in love with AI platforms; Ricardo is currently using more than 25 years of experience to manage a team and develop Artificial intelligence platforms for construction and food industry. 

Tokens Food Platform

Have you ever wondered why mom and pop stores are closing?


The problem is that thousands of traditional food industry businesses are closing due to ordering and food delivery preferences; people are now doing everything online, including ordering their food.

Tokens' solution is to develop one of the most significant technology platform-based food delivery ecosystems in America.

The benefit for the consumer is quick, fast, and highly personalized products and services.  Renown brands companies will have a vehicle to expand exponentially nationwide and internationally.  Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to own a profitable business.



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Pilot Project

TokensFood Network

Tokensfood and partners will provide logistic entrepreneurs with the opportunity to co-own or sublease a network of hyper-local Micro Fulfillment Centers in every feasible city in the Americas: as part of the franchise in their territory.  Also the ability to test the brand service, under a subscription-based agreement.  Partners are renowned brand companies, and franchisees are last-mile logistic entrepreneurs connected to the platform's app. These facilities are readily connected to the last-mile delivery platform's network. 


Delivery Only Restaurants

Tokensfood and partners are offering complete virtual restaurants under the Kitchens' Table brand, and other partner brands: with complete restaurant solution to be licensed to entrepreneurs: as a franchise. The agreement initially is a flexible subscription-based service.  These facilities are readily connected to a delivery platform for consumers to enjoy!

Please find the presentation of our Brick and Mortar chain for the US and Canada 


Vertical  farming

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Pilot Project

As a third-generation Project, Tokensfood has complete containers equipped with app management technologies, connected to the delivery network. These facilities will be franchised or leased to entrepreneurs with a mission to capitalize on the new ara of the farming business.  

​The following video is just an example of what we will be offering (no relationship with our brand). 

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